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How to make a wallet card

Hi again folks xxx

Another tutorial and this one is actually the very first tutorial i made for my Docrafts site way back in july 2009!! (hence why the photos show my tatty old cutting mat and the cardlooks a bit dated hehe)
But regardless of that the tutorial is still great for a very easy guide to making wallet cards.
Theres really no measurements needed and no need to be exact as any slight variation will work

1) take a sheet of good quality A4 card. heavier GSM card is ideal for this as it wont distort once you add contents... especially if it is for a wallet swap and will be holding crating goodies. fold your card in half and run down with a bone folder to make a good crease.

2) now take either a ruler and bone folder or a scoring blade and run accross your card approx 5cm up from the bottom.

3) now fold your card together and cut out a piece at an angle up to where the center fold meets the scored line.

4) now lay a ruler about a centimeter in from the side edge of your card and cut with a sharpe knife ONLY down to the score line. score the remaining 5cm to the bottom edge.

5) now take a setting tool or hole punch and make a hole approx a centimeter in and half way up between your score line and the top of the card on both sides of the card making sure they are level.  If you like you can also add eyelettes.

6) now fold the small flaps in and run some good strenth DST tape along them before folding the larger flaps upwards and sticking down to make the pockets.

7) it should now look like this.

8) now if required add some backing paper to the front of your wallet card before running some DST across and sticking down a length of ribbon. the ribbon should be long enough to go across the card and have enough each side to tie a bow when closed.  pop the back piece of ribbon through the hole.

9) now continue to decorate the rest of your card

10) you can also if required decorate the inside to match

11) and there you have it one wallet card ready to fill with whatever you require.


louise said...

This is brill will definetly have a go
Louise xx

Donka said...

I love this. You perfected it!!! Thank you very much for sharing.

Fiona said...

Great tutorial - really clear instructions. x

~**Bashnee**~ said...

Thank you Rottie, will try to make one now. xx

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