My Dog Kayla Redrottie

My Dog Kayla Redrottie

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

I love my doggy.......

she never fails to make me smile - each and every day!! wish I could say that about the kids hehe..
She has a basket full of toys.. each lovingly named...  she takes her time each day pulling a pile of them out and studying them, a sniff here a lick there and them BAM..the choice made she will run madly round the house with the toy of the day..  for the last few days it has been a new toy 'Moggibone'. this toy is a large pink fluffy bone sent so kindly form my good friend Moggilee from Docrafts. But today her choice was 'Botox' a set of squeeky inflated furry lips.  i never fail to laugh when her head pops up and she has 'Botox' in her mouth as it makes her look sooooo funny... so thank you Kayla for todays lovely smile on both your face and mine!

The much loved 'Moggibone'
a most beautiful 'Botox' smile xxxxxxx


Lee said...

Hi Kayla dog,you gorgeous beautiful girl.Where ever did you get those lips from,they are hilarious.Say hi to your mum from me.Have a lovely time with your toys darlin.Cuddles from aunty moggilee.xxxxxxxxxxxx

pickle said...

Kayla you are a beaut!!! *MWAH*
love auntie Picklickle xxx

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