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My Dog Kayla Redrottie

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Monday, 12 September 2011

back from my wonderful holiday x

hello everybobs ...x  just got back from a wonderful 2 week holiday back in Malta...  my dear O/Half is a Malteser and we go back regularly to visit family and lap up the beautiful sunshine and scenery
i was a bit poorley in the first week as i was bitten by the new giant tiger mozzies they have recently discovered on the island which are giving everyone grief... one of them had a feast on my legs and i was in a right old state and needed lots of high dose meds to stop my legs dropping off hehe and it was quite painful to walk.. but apart form that everything was wonderful.. these pics show my legs after id been on the meds a week!!

i had lots of fantastic experiences whilst there including watching dolphins that my daughter got to stroke, snorkling, kyacking in the sea, swiming with shoals of fish, catching starfish and hermit crabs to look at.... as well as many wonderful meals out with our maltese family and attending 2 feast festivals in mellieha and naxxar which is a fantastic experience with a mixture or music, fireworks, party atmoshpere and dancing in the streets....  heres a few pics x

my grandaughter and daughter

me and my daughter keep in the shade

daughter and son kyacking in sea
Mellieha feast with the church lit up and the moving firework structures

partying in naxxar for the feast


kay said...


Maureen said...

OOOOOUUUUCCCHHH!!! your legs do look sore but the rest of your holiday photos look great.

Fiona said...

Oh my word Karen - your legs look sore. Hate to think how they looked before you got treatment.
Rest of the holiday looks fab!
Fiona x

CraftyLoops said...

Oh my God Karen, your poor legs! Im allergic to wasp stings and any time I get bitten by mozzies I take a bad reaction so knowing my luck I probably would have popped me clogs!!! You poor thing. Though it does look like you had an amazing time when you were there. Damn those monster mozzies!! Glad youre back. Lee x

sandy's crafty bits said...

ooo er that's real nasty ... but guess the holiday made up for it eh ? hope you had a great time with your family ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Rebekah said...

The photos look amazing Karen but your legs don't! Glad it wasn't me I am allergic to mosquitoes and build up an immunity over time but if I was bitten by a new type would sell like a balloon again! Hugs Rebekah xx

Lee said...

Welcome back.Ooooerrrr no no no.You poor thing.Do hope they are better.You did look as if you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves apart from yer poor leggies.Thanks for sharing yer brilliant pics.xx Huggles xx Cuddles for Kayla dog.xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Oh dear, I hope your legs are looking a bit better now. Looks like you had a fab holiday apart from the mozzies. Debs xx

Chris said...

whoa, those nasty little bugs did a job on your legs. otherwise it sounds like you had a great time.

loved you SFTW card this week. the peachy color is gorgeous.

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